Omaiki One-Size All-in-One Cloth Diaper

Omaiki One-Size All-in-One Cloth Diaper

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Product Description

All-in-one (or AIÍ) are progressive washable diapers that, from a functional view, are closest to disposable paper diapers. They are as practical and as easy to use as paper diapers and do not require any special assembly instructions. The AIÍ is a high quality, environmentally friendly diaper that will appeal to today's parents, because is very practical to use and has a stylish appeal.

The only adjustments made to this diaper are with the front snaps (height), which can be adjusted as the baby begins to grow. The removable insert can be removed from the diapers of newborn babies, who do not need the additional thickness it adds to the diaper.

Omaiki AIO diapers are made with bamboo velour with a rice-mesh stay-dry lining which wicks away wetness from your baby's skin for comfort. They fit from 8-35+lbs.
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